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The Antigua Public Library's mission is to provide and promote open access to reading, cultural, recreational, intellectual, and informational resources that enables the community's diverse population to promote personal and professional growth and lifelong learning. The library emphasizes efficient, convenient access and courteous, professional service.

Research Aides

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Use our Alexandria Catalogue to search for books available in the Antigua Public Library.

NetLibrary offers the most comprehensive collection of eBooks and eContent now available online.
Ask a librarian to register you for this service then you can use it from home.

OCLC First Search is our newest initiative to help you research a wide variety of topics online. 

Search journal and periodical articles using the EBSCO Online Database.

Web Services

Would you like to provide information on your school on the Web? Use our Schools Directory. Fill in the provided form and submit it. Note: this service is only provided for schools in Antigua & Barbuda.
Explore the Internet with us.

Need to sharpen your skill, learn something new? Check out our Online Tutorials.

Having problems doing your Maths, Science, English or other subjects?
For homework help Check Here.

Direct connection to Teachers' Page.

Education Information

Are you a manager, or an entrepeneur who needs management skills? Connect to the free Management Library.

Get information on accredited Universities University Accreditation.

Need a Scholarship?
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Public Education Reform Antigua & Barbuda (draft proposal)

Friends of the APL

Friends of the Antigua Public Library
FOAPL - New York, Inc., is a non-profit organization whose members support the development of the Antigua Public Library through donations, member dues, and special events.

Antigua Government

Link to the official Government Website to get the latest news and events happening on our islands.

Photo Gallery

Research information on Antigua's History and scenic beauty in our Photo Gallery

Read a History of Carnival in Antigua and see photos of Carnival 2005

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